Really Depression Dropped In Family, These Are The Facts

Having a family member who is depressed is certainly not a pleasant experience. Then there is mention, depression can be lowered in the family. This is not unlike hearing bad news repeatedly. But, is this assumption true? Depression is a mood disorder that causes sadness to decrease interest and desire. Depression can affect what you feel, think or do. Depression can also make it difficult for you to do your daily activities. The Role of Hereditary Factors in Depression Indeed many factors cause depression. One of them is genetic factors, which are known to have contributed to an increased risk of someone experiencing depression. About 40% of depression can be inherited in the family, while environmental factors contribute to about 60%. In addition, from research it is known that the types of depression that are severe and repeatedly occur, it turns out genetic factors play a more important role than environmental factors. People with a family history of depression, for example
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